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Start cooperate with samsung another company
It is congratulation that we start to cooperate with samsung another company.
lensbaby Edge 80 Review
Lensbaby is a company out of Portland, OR that has resolutely decided that the chasing of ultimate sharpness and resolution not only is a foolish quest, but that it isn’t much fun either. The Lensbaby products have always been created with the “fun” of photography squarely in mind.
Lensbaby CEO visit our factory
April 10 2012
Lensbaby CEO visiting our factory and view the machanical parts departsment and the optical glass lens polishing department.We talk about the cooperate now and the next new project.

Machine and products

Thinking comes from the company vision. Our value is offer not just the good parts, it is the heart to heart services.
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The Bibleopteq Inc. has domain technical skills across a number of innovations. Communication and growth with customer together.
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If you want to do the one stop service for optical lenses assembly, include metal parts, glass polishing, plastic parts, contact us now.
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